Please read thoroughly all services and deposit requirements. There are no refunds once payment has been accepted but you may reschedule the service 24 hours prior. If you don't reschedule before 24 hours past you will LOSE your deposit. Please make sure that the service you chose is the service that is right for you, if you are not sure plese add on a consultation. I am Excited that you chose to book you hair appointment with me today. Thank You!


1. Log on to www.Styleseat.com/heavenlyhair.com (or press link below)!

2. Book your appointment!

3. Call 954.867.4340 to confirm!

4. Make your Deposit!



General Appointments $25.00

A deposit is required for New Client Appointments, Color Services and Vip Services(before and after normal working hours). If you missed 2 appointments you must pay a general deposit from now on. The $25.00 goes toward your style and it secures your appointment. If you dont cancel before 48 hours you will lose you deposit.

Deposit Amount $25.00


Sew Ins $125 & up  2-3 hours

This is a full sew in with a part. This usually last up to 2 months. I suggest that you don't leave it in any longer than that! Your natural hair is braided down and the wefted hair is sewn to the braids. Then the hair is cut and style as desired. Please pre wash your hair. If you are reusing hair please prewash it, dry it and remove all previous threading. If we have to do these services in the salon it will be additional. 

Deposit Amount $25.00

Keratin Treatment $200 & up 2 to 3 hours

Global Keratin The Best Hair Taming Keratin Treatment with Juvenix is formulated to straighten the hair and leave it shiny, silky and manageable with no Formaldehyde!. This treatment can last for up to 3 months or more with proper maintenance.

Deposit Amount $40.00



Tape Extensions  $35 for 10pcs

The seamless tape system features thin, durable tape tab. This system is applied to your hair by sandwiching thin sections between two tabs. The long-lasting tape tabs are designed to be thin, comfortable and seamlessly beautiful. This system last 6 weeks. This system has to be removed by Shannon the stylist and can be reapplied in the same setting.  It is $35 per additional packs (10pcs) of hair installed. If you choose to purchase at home kit then you can ensure longevity of the hair, which can last for 3-5 installations. Average half head installation takes 2-3 packs of hair and full head takes 4-6 packs. REMOVAL $25.

Deposit Amount $35.00


MicroLinks  $50 for 25 Links

The cylinder system also known as Microlinks. This strand by strand system is applied without the use of glue, heat or chemicals. Instead, small copper cylinders are used to gently bond the extensions to the client's hair. This system last 3-4 months with at least 2 scheduled maintenance appointments $50 per appointment. This system has to be removed by Shannon the stylist and can be reapplied in the same setting. It is $50 per 25 Links Installed. Average Half head installation takes 3-4 packs($150-$200) and Full head takes 7-8($350-$400).

Deposit Amount $50.00







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